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Marathon Running Clothes: Must-Haves for Training and Race Day

No matter if it rains or shines, the race will persist, as will your rigorous training. Your marathon clothing, destined to conquer those 42,195 km, could greatly influence that unique journey. Here are the essential marathon running clothes to successfully meet the challenge of a marathon. Preparing properly will give you the confidence and comfort to cross the finish line with determination and pride.

4 Tips for your running clothes

running shoes

On running shoes are the fundamental component to successfully conquer a marathon. Regardless of its appearance, these shoes are designed with cutting-edge technology to provide the necessary support throughout the 42,195 km. Proper cushioning absorbs repetitive impact, reducing fatigue and the risk of injury, while the traction-optimized sole ensures stable footing on a variety of terrains. Choosing the type of shoe depends on your running style and specific needs: from lightweight models for extreme speeds to shoes with more support for long-lasting resistance. Investing in quality shoes adapted to your individual characteristics is an investment in your performance and well-being throughout the marathon. Also, if you want more tips on how to choose the ideal running shoes for your marathon, we invite you to visit our blog and read our article "5 Tips for Choosing Running Shoes for a Marathon". You will find valuable information that will help you make the best decision for your next challenge.

Technical T-shirts

Technical shirts play an essential role in the running equipment for a marathon. These garments are designed with high-performance materials that wick moisture and allow for optimal ventilation, keeping you cool and dry even in the most demanding conditions. The lightweight and ergonomic fit of these jerseys prevent friction and sweat buildup, resulting in a more comfortable and distraction-free experience throughout your run. The choice of bright colors and reflective elements in some technical jerseys also improves visibility in low light conditions. Ultimately, these tops are not just a layer of clothing, but a tool that optimizes your comfort and performance as you take on the challenge of a marathon.

pants and leggings

Selecting the right garments is crucial to successfully face the challenge of a marathon. Both running tights and running pants play a key role in your performance and comfort. The tight tights offer optimal aerodynamics and muscle support, reducing fatigue and improving circulation. On the other hand, looser pants provide freedom of movement and breathability, which is essential for long distances. Opting for high-tech materials that absorb moisture and prevent friction will ensure a more pleasant experience and maximum performance with each stride. Don't underestimate the power of choosing wisely, as balancing functionality and comfort in your garments could make the difference between reaching your goals or falling behind on your way to the finish line.

The running fanny pack

An essential accessory for tackling a marathon, the fanny pack provides a practical and functional solution for transporting key items while staying focused on the race. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably around your waist, the fanny pack allows you to carry essentials like energy gels, your mobile phone, keys and other small items without interrupting your pace. Its lightweight and adjustable design prevents any kind of discomfort, ensuring that you can keep your hands free and your mind focused on the road to victory. With the fanny pack as an ally, you will free yourself from worries and you will be able to maintain a constant flow, optimizing each step towards the goal.

Articles for before and after the race

  • Sunscreens

  • Jacket for before the start of the race

  • anti-scuff bar

  • Water or electrolyte drinks

  • Towel

What to wear for a cold marathon

When temperatures drop, adding an extra layer will be essential to lock in warmth and optimize performance. Constructed from a thick, stretchy fabric, the Running Technical Hoody 2.0 stands out as an ideal choice, providing you with the necessary protection in cold weather conditions. Its four-way stretch fabric ensures a snug, comfortable fit, without limiting the freedom of movement you require for an optimal experience.


Here are more tips to make your experience as positive as possible:

  • Do not modify your routine in the days before. Drastic changes in your diet or in your workouts can lead to unexpected problems.

  • Get enough rest. In this way, your muscles are fresh and in optimal condition to face the stress of the race.

  • Maintain a steady pace throughout the run. This is the key to avoiding early fatigue and being able to successfully reach the finish line.

  • Enjoy the tour. Finally, do not forget the emotion and beauty of the moment you are living. Running a marathon is quite a feat, so enjoy it!

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